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Kenyan farmers contracts stipulate that ugly kenyan foods cannot be sold locally and must be discarded. Farmers are actively prevented from selling or giving rejected food to people. In one contract seen by Al Jazeera, a packhouse supplying a UK supermarket stipulated that “green waste collected shall only be used as animal feed”, defining "green waste" as “fine beans, runner beans, peas, courgettes, corn husks and pea pods”.

Barely visible skin implants allow for direct connection between brain's sensors and electronics. "The devices are less than 100 microns thick, the average diameter of a human hair. They consist of circuitry embedded in a layer or rubbery polyester that allow them to stretch, bend and wrinkle."

Goonj provides clothes for needy in exchange for work. This creates a self respect and self worth for the needy. In Northern India thousands of Indians die every year due to cold weather. Indian mosques could save thousands of lives by providing shelter during the cold night. But a lack of concern and attachment to a literal and blind Islam prevents this from happening.

This is a report from a jewish journalist cum documentary maker. His official report was lost by the ICC. The artice is from Haaretz.

Nobel prize winning Turkish author compares the intense hatred of Islam by turkey secular elites with the racism of south African whites during aparthied.

Nationalism has led the world into 2 massive world wars leading to the deaths of more than 100 million people. Islam denies a race and place based nationalism which looks down on the other as a lower class outsider. All people of what ever religion and whatever ethnic group and and where ever they are born have right to life liberty and happiness. Islam in turkey show how to merge Islam while still retaining an allegience to the nation. If the objective of the nation is to help people inside and out then that is the acceptable nationalism vis vis Islam.

Islamist won the elections but the old order colludes with the secular elites to create chaos in the streets. Counter revolution stalks the new islamist governments. In addition wacko salafi groups create further chaos on the right.

After the mega bank fince crash of 2008 the Vatican suggested to try Islamic finance and leave usury and debt financial system

Germans invented the car and have been on top of transportation engineering ever since.

The leftist pseudo secular opposition in Egypt like the secular powers that ran turkey for most of the 20th century do not belive in free elections especially if the results bring Islamists to the fore. They will do anything to stop non corrupt Islamic forces including destroying the country it that is what it takes. In Turkey these forces have been involved in murder, terrorism and military coups. The Turkish cmedia refers to thesse cases as Ergenekon.

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