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Free speech is only for the Chosen to attack Islam. Free speech re the Chosen terror state of Israel is expressly prohibited. One can criticise the US, Obama, US military, anything and everything but Not Chosen Israel.

While we eat 3 and meals and multiple snacks daily Sr Hana has refused all food to call attention to Israeli criminal policy of uncharged detention. she was released as part of deal arranged by Germany and west in exchange for Israeli occupation soldier shalit. Israel reneged on the deal and re-arrested her again without charge. Muslims at the very least need to pray for Sr Hana after every meal.

Pharoah Bashar greatly disappointed Syrians refuse to glorify him and walk around with his pictures.

Israeli's and zionists always whine that Muslims dont do non-violent resistance. Sr Hana is doning non-violent hunger strike and the world media and muslims are catching on.

India says Uncle Sam we love you won't you please stay a bit longer? (and burn more moneys fighting our enemies). India wants US to stay in Afghanistan even if it costs the US hundreds of billion dollars per year. India is also bypassing US embargo on Iran. US friends are worse than US enemies. They cost more and just want to exploit US. In fact US enemies like North Korea and Iran cost less than US friends like Israel or Egypt.

Ergenekon was a secret Zionist controlled terror operation run out of the highest level of the Zionist controlled Turkish army. The general ordered various murders to destabilize Turkey in preparation for anti-Islamist coup.

Occupation soldiers and their sectarian cronies degraded, tortured and raped women. Women's education dropped significantly from the Iraq war to now. In addition to Million+ in orphans and widows who are being exploited and abused.

Women under occupation are the most vulnerable and are easily attacked by the occupiers whether in Palestine or Kashmir.

Most info on Islamists goes through a Chosen filtration process. The chosen have set themselves up as self appointed experts on all things Islam and Islamists. For example a chosen cabal of editors at Wikipedia redirects Islamist to Islamism. With the advent of Arab spring many in the media are going around the chosen wall and directly interacting with Islamists.

Afghans who have gone and killed NATO occupiers have been invariably shot and killed (never apprehended and given trials). But that rule may not apply when an occupation soldier does it. In Iraq the occupation troops killed entire families but got only 30 days and a dishonorable discharge for their troubles.

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