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This allows NATO occupiers to count dead NATO occupiers as Taliban killing afghan civilians.

Creating terror while wearing Pakistan army uniforms is a great way of destabilizing Pakistan. Classic Mossad game. Under US pressure Pakistan releases the spies to German embassy.

Dr. Ron Paul has openly spoken against the Chosen controlled Federal Reserve and its Usurious grip on the US economy. Along with that Dr Paul has opposed US chosen run criminal wars and sending billions to Israel. Israel has made plans to assassinate Dr. Paul if he gets elected.

I have seen people die without any physical signs of injuries on their bodies in Afghanistan. There were bizarre scenes of birds melting on trees."

Rabbi calls for assassinating Obama because Obama is not subservient enough for Israel.

US/EU use Intellectual Property and copy right protection as ruse to clamp down on the free internet.

Pak ruling elite come from a long family of corrupt and servile servants of the British occupation

Some Afghan Resistance have been fighting Invaders for over 33 years. While others spend their lives in luxury the Afghan resistance leaders have proved themselves fighting first the Soviets and now NATO. Afghanistan occupation broke the Soviets finacially and now the US empire is breaking under the financial strain.

US pres lied about Vietnam attacking US navy ships while the senators and congressmen knew it was all a lie but went along with it. US congressmen did'nt want to rock the boat. The criminal US war on Vietnam cost the US 50K lives and 500K wounded along with hundreds of billions. US public is so brainwashed nobody ever asked fundamental questions about the Vietnam war even after it ended. After the Vietnam war fiasco no one was blamed, no one accepted blame, no one resigned, no one was fired, even no one was demoted. Though 50K Americans along with 2 million Vietnamese were killed.

Bribery with Zardaris govt is an easy win for the US govt. If Iran does'nt counter bribe the Iran gas supply deal will be gone. In meantime UK is jamming Iranian satellite TV in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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