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Most modern states are nation based or place of birth based. Israel is race based so they have to jump thru various legal and straw man hoops to maintain the fiction of democracy and freedom while underneath a race based legal infra structure runs the state.

The coup was well planned in advance of the demonstrations. The objective is to use extreme violence by the Egyptian Army in order to create the pretext of an Algerian style Mass killing of Egyptian Muslims (in the name of democracy of course).

The coup supporters come from primarily Mubarak supporting elites and constitute around 25% of Egyptian society. They are vocal and hate the mass of poor Egyptians who voted for MB (67% in parliament, 64% constitution and 52% for Dr. Morsi). These elites want no more election at leat elections where MB can participate.

High time the Army Generals in various Muslim countries who lived as gods killing, torturing and raping as they please are finally charged with their crimes.

Turkish and Egyptian secular elite aghast.

This is direct quote from cnbc news editor "Look lets face it.We are at war our enemy is using every unthinkable weapon. No room for feelings here".. Nagwa Assran is the Cairo Bureau Chief for CNBC Arabia

According to open source calculations at most 500K people can fit into Tahir and adjoining areas. The billionaire coptic christian funding tamarod tweeted 33 million (100x the number) and the anti Morsy media took off and claimed it as truth. The solution would be elections but neither the egyptian military nor the opposition is willing to test their claims in another election.

Munafiq, Mushriks, Kazab and Zalim on one side and the Muslims on the other. The divisions amongst the Muslims have disappeared. The Muslims stand and face the bullets as one group (May Allah accept their shahada. In Egypt the hypocrites (liberals, secularists), The billionaire christian Mushriks, the liars in the media and the Zalim of Mobarak's rule are now all exposed and stand on the side of the dictator. The Muslims stand as one on the side of democracy and freedom.

Egypt liberals and army use size of mobs as basis of right to rule. Yet both claim to be protecting democracy. Even the size of the protest mobs which some of pro coup media and pro coup billionaire estimated at 30 million is just out right brazen lies. They feel by the time people figure out their lies the Military dictators will have consolidated their rule and their lies will all be forgotten.

Poorly crafted videos proclaiming to be street vids showing MB throwing kids off a bridge turn out to be fakes

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